Friday, March 16, 2007


Will someone please explain to me the dynamics of the Batgirl/Deathstroke relationship in Teen Titans?

Somehow, Deathstroke, after having his daughter turn on him in Nightwing, somehow managed to abduct and drug Batgirl in a revenge scenario to get back at Nightwing and Robin, who let Ravager into the Titans. In this scenario, Deathstroke has the newly crazy Batgirl join up with the League of Assassins and try to recruit Robin. Then, he uses Batgirl in his Titans East.

When does this start making any sense?

If he had Batgirl, why have her working with the League of Assassins, then for his own revenge ploy? Why did it take a few decades for Deathstroke's serum to turn him into a loon, but Ravager and Batgirl seemed to only need a dose? Are we really supposed to believe Deathstroke managed to not only think up this complicated plan, but execute it while working with the Society during in IC, and making Robin the focus of it, even though Ravager wasn't taken in by the Titans till a little while before One Year Later? While Tim was supposed to be on a retraining tour with Batman?

My distaste for Teen Titans (the bland art, rehashed themes, lame Kid Devil) is growing and Johns, who managed to bring back Hawkman, Hal Jordan, and Dr. Fate in an entertaining (and I don't want to say plausible, but at least, in a way that doesn't seem like tripe) way, should be able to think of a better way to explain Batgirl's defection than "crazy drugs." I know Geoff Johns is better than this. And Daniel, well, he kind of sucks. Sorry.

And by the way, I think it's awesome that slavery becomes acceptable again in the 30th Century. Lincoln would understand, they're only Martians.


Scipio said...

Indeed; I, too, was a bit surprised at the slavery reference.

It's not consistent with anything we know of any version of the 30th century (even the early 30th century, where Inertia is from).

I prefer to assume the simplest explanation:

they are villains, so they are lying to her.

Jon Hex said...

Why didn't the two times White Martians tried to takeover the Earth garner enough hatred for...really, I have no idea where Johns is going with that.