Friday, March 9, 2007

Hero Worship & Judd Winick

Well, we all know Judd Winick loves Black Lightning. He managed to bring him into Green Arrow and Outsiders with female relatives that Judd made up, just to have Black Lightning guest star. I don't find anything wrong with a writer bringing in a character(or characters) who they grew up liking and wants to bring to the spotlight. Bendis brought nearly all the 70's Marvel characters into The New Avengers and Geoff Johns brought back Kid Devil and Captain Carrot. So it's only common sense that Winick would have someone that he likes to have show up every now and then.

What I cannot get past is when the hero worship gets out of hand. Like in the latest issue of Outsiders.

In a story set during 52, we learn that Jefferson Pierce(Black Lightning) has a lot of free time now that Luthor's been impeached to spy on criminal CEOs from rooftops while wearing Brooks Brothers suits. It's less conspicuous. The crock CEO was responsible for his niece's death and Black Lightning decides on some biblical payback, though not intending for his bolt of lightning to kill the overweight, middle age businessman.

Turns out, Deathstroke also has a lot of free time on his hands, and stalks superheroes on his days off, looking for any opportunity to mess with people. So, Slade shoots the CEO at the same time as Black Lightning's lightning, killing the man and making BL think he's responsible. Mind you, Deathstroke is out in a "non-combat, non-engagement" situation, but carries the world's largest sniper rifle around with him, loading with dissolving untraceable-toxin darts, perfect for framing people out for light revenge. BL feels so bad about it, he gets Checkmate to incarcerate him under a assumed identity so he won't get targeted for his hero status.

Anyway, Jason Todd (yes, I know I choose to read Outsiders every month, but you don't think about how off something is until after you get a chance to think about it) tells the Outsiders BL is innocent, so Thunder, Black Lightning's daughter, decides it's time to break her father out. The other Outsiders are reluctant, except for Grace, Thunder's future girlfriend, who goes into this nice speech about all of Black Lightning's heroism and master educational skills.

"Jefferson Pierce has been at this longer than any of us" really stands out as ass-kissing crap when this guy is standing there next to this guy while Grace is tirade-ing. Both of whom having been fighting crime longer than Grace, Metamorpho, Thunder, and Black Lightning combined.

I like Havok, but I wouldn't have Cannonball saying, "Gosh, Alex's the best dang-burned X-Man to walk this 'ere Earth." It's just too much of Winick's own affection of the character put into the story.

Bad Winick. Rein it in, man.


rachelle said...

Oh, Judd. I can't hate him because his love is so pure. He just...let's his love cloud his judgment so often. I call it the Loeb syndrome.

Jon Hex said...

So true.

The Fortress Keeper said...

He may be overcompensating because Black Lightning's creator, Tony Isabella, didn't like Winick's portrayal of the character

Jon Hex said...

I had read that on Wizard Entertainment.