Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Got Questions

When exactly did Damage join the Freedom Fighters? I remember in JSA or something Damage got a call right when the Freedom Fighters were reacting to some emergency, but I have no idea when he joined them.

How come no one seems to remember Captain Boomerang Jr. has super speed, if even for a short time?

Is a crooked bar between two circles shorthand for Kirbyesque?

When did G.W. Bridge get so fat? Really, an active member of SHIELD should not be that big. Dum Dum keeps in shape and he's 90!

Why are people still surprised that Power Girl is massively endowed? She's Kryptonian. She can handle it. It's the awkward Kryptonian Cousin Love she has to worry about.

Why can't people realize Batman is the coolest hero EVER? He's in at least one book a week. Think about it.

Is there a memo given to all Marvel writers saying to remember Tony Stark's an ass clown now?

I'm starting to realize Jeph Loeb is not the amazing writer I once thought he was. Yeah, he can still turn out a masterwork of nostalgia with guest stars galore, but when he reintroduced Supergirl to the DCU, I hated her from basically day two. Her rebellious teen crap was asinine considering she wouldn't act like a rebellious American teenage having been raised for seventeen freaking years on Krypton. Wait, this is supposed to be a question. Umm, I guess the question is, uh, are Joe Kelly and Mark Waid better writers than Loeb?

Why do people in the DCU develop powers in the most random ways? If you spend too much time in a dark room, you get the ability to make lifelike images.

What if Grant Morrison wrote The Defenders?

Why are people Hatton on Wolverine: Origins? I've been reading it consistently and I can't see how it's worst than some of the books been praised week after week. Unless you're talking about Batman, Superman, Detective Comics, Cable & Deadpool, Zemo: Born Better, 52, Astonishing X-Men, Midnighter, Punisher, X-Factor, Gen 13, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, The Brave and the Bold, Justice Society of America, Manhunter, Stormwatch: PHD, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Checkmate, Uncanny X-Men, Captain America, She-Hulk, The Immortal Iron Fist, Daredevil, and look it's just not that bad, or even not good. I like it, is all I'm saying. Maybe not as much as the stuff listed, but still...

Isn't she wonderful?

I'm on a quest to post more every month than the month before. Think I can do it?

How you doin'?


kyle-latino said...

I'm doing good. Man, you got a lot of questions. Have you checked 'kipedia (reservior of all human knowledge of Earth 415)?

rachelle said...

I had that realization about Jeph Loeb sort of recently. Well, within the last year or so. I totally loved him and now...

...I blame Superman/Batman. Each issue destroyed my love for him a little more. I'd still have his back in a knife fight, but I might let him take a couple of hits first.

Jon Hex said...


No offense to the human race, but facts by consensus is not for me. I'd rather rely on some guy's memory of minor details about a small segment of pop culture.


Every stab would be a lesson learned.

Travis said...

I've realized quite some time back, that Jeph Loeb isn't all that great. Especially, once you get outside of his schtick with Tim Sale and the Year One tales he tales with him.