Monday, March 26, 2007

To The Victor & It's Monday...

My prize for winning the Get Your Civil War On! Contest came in and now I get to read the first chapters of Y: The Last Man (among other things) and revel in my own awesomeness. Which I get so few chances to do in my busy schedule.

That being said, it is Monday and that means...

Continued from previous post...

Nova flew along the mountainside, ducking in and out of tree cover to avoid A.I.M. troops. While Rictor and M were the main decoy, Mimic was to create a spectacle worthy enough to lead many of the A.I.M. in his direction. Now, Nova had the least amount of trouble in front of him, and he was to get back into the A.I.M. base undetected, or as undetected as possible.
He passed by a tank patrol and stopped thirty feet away from the bay doors of the base’s garage. Six men covered the doors, but they were taken care of without much trouble. A jamming signal produced by Nova’s helmet kept any distress calls from being sent out. Which only left the two foot deep enhanced titanium alloy doors with the sconces which concealed high intensity plasma cannons.
Nova walked up to the security console and entered the code listed in one of the files randomly Nova downloaded earlier. He moved in fast, quickly flying into a guard station inside and knocking the guard through the other side.
“I’m in.” Just as he sent this, all the monitors in the guard station began showing the same image. An A.I.M. head, Nova assumed from the military styling of his yellow uniform, was standing at a podium, a large machine behind.

‘People of the world, hear my voice. This message is being relayed to every nation with a TV station and instantly translated due to the genius that is A.I.M. I am not one of those so in love with the sound of his own voice that he rambles on and on about the rightness of their position and how hard they worked to achieve their goals, so I will get right to the point.
‘We want the world.’ The speaker waved back at the machine behind him, which began to turn on clue. ‘Or else. A.I.M. is the only body intelligent enough to rightly govern this planet and we have the means to bring about a utopian age. But governments stand in our way. And while other factions may be content to being arms dealers to others, we here are more proactive.
‘Behind me is MODOA, the Mobile Organism Designed for Obliteration by Antimatter.’ The machine finally clicked into place. Inside a large glass cage was a teenaged boy with a cybernetic headpiece wired to a computer outside. His head was sealed away from the rest of his body, leaving it dangling in the glass enclosure. Robotic arms equipped with opposing halves of a container were manned by A.I.M. on the outside of the enclosure. ‘Antimatter is the most dangerous substance known to man, and MODOA can produce enough to crack the world in half. A demonstration, perhaps.’
The technicians at the enclosure operated the arms while one of the technicians ministrations caused MODOA’s head to bob and turn. While it seemed nothing took place, the arms moved cautiously towards MODOA, slowly bringing the container’s ends together until a light shone green on both ends. The arms brought the container to a port in the front of the enclosure. When it closed, the port’s outer door chimed and a technician opened and took out the container. ‘While it may have seem like a very expensive show of nothing, this container-thank you-contains a milligram of antimatter. This container keeps it from coming in contact with air, matter of any kind, by keeping it suspended in the middle of the airless container.” The leader walked over to a set of double doors which opened automatically to reveal a hangar-like area with a few randomly placed debris. He threw the container straight into air, straight ahead with the skill of a quarterback.
The container broke against a bombed out schoolbus and a second later the room was awash in a blinding white light. The sound was like no explosion ever heard and seemed to absorb all sound. It was quick and the debris field was clouded in dust. Exhaust fans started, clearing the cloud to reveal a deep depression at the end of the debris field. It was a perfect sphere of space, and remarkably frightening.
‘And that was the smallest sample of what MODOA is capable of. Now picture if we sent MODOA into the tunnel we have made deep into the Earth’s crust. Picture what 100 pounds of antimatter can do to the stability of this planet. 1,000. Whatever we can make MODOA pour into this world until his body and pretty much everything around him is, well, obliterated.’
‘We can improve this world or destroy it. The choice is yours. You have six hours.’

“You get that?”
“Yeah. Me and M are close, but if no one comes, you may be on your own, man. Mimic’s not respondin’." Nova managed to pull up a directory of the base on the guard station’s console. The central hub of the base was located dead center of the complex with many reinforced doors and walls to keep out guys like Nova. While most of the armed A.I.M. were outside, many dots were on the directory designated as researchers, and a few designated as security.
“If the heavily armed thugs are after us, who the hell is security?”
“Nova is inside.”
“I know.”
“We’re not going to get to him before he’s spotted and overrun.”
“I know.”
“Could you please add something to this convo, chica?”
Surrounded by converging A.I.M. troopers with only the wreckage of A.I.M. tanks and jeeps as cover, M looked Rictor squarely in the eye.
“We are, as you would say, boned.”

In front of him, wavy and unclear to his unfocused eyes, was a glowing red eye. He swung awkwardly, missing the eye entirely. He fell over but was held up by dark arms. Red eye was holding him up.
“Jesus, you’re heavy. Look, uh, wing…guy? I’m your friend at here. I got the emergency message and came out as fast as I could.”
“Rictor sent out message. He plan man.”
Red eye gave Mimic a quick slap that brought him mostly to his senses. “My name, I call myself, Night Man. I work out of San Fran, and to tell you the truth, I’m going to need your help, because fighting an army single-handed is not one of my abilities.”
Mimic stood up and stretched his wings. He cocked his head, feeling something new. “Hmm.” He began fingering motions and breathing techniques, then assume some traditional aikido poses. “My telepathy is stronger, but weirdly. I’m only getting-”
“Evil thoughts. You have my power?”
“I’m Mimic. I copy powers. And how did you get here? I’m not getting-”
Before he could finish, A.I.M. started firing. Mimic ducked and pushed Night Man away, firing his optic blasts in quick bursts. He flew short, freezing three troopers together and taking all three in a roundhouse kick. Behind them, more A.I.M. tried to flank them, but were clouded by smoke. A few thuds later, and Night Man was standing amongst their unconscious bodies.
“I didn’t come alone. I found a friend to give me a ride.”

“I’ll take the forty on the right. You take the forty on the left. And the eighty behind and in front of us are up for grabs. Want da ya, say?”
M stared out his roguish grin and couldn’t help smiling. And by smile, the corner of her mouth flicked up for the briefest of moments. “I will take the left.”
“On three.” Rictor brace himself into a crouching position, ready to focus as much seismic energy at the bastards as he could. M, facing the opposite way, broke off the bumper of a wrecked jeep, and braced herself.
“Uno.” The A.I.M. started forward in two-by-two formation. Their weapons raised and ready.
Without warning, a bomb went off in the middle of the rear A.I.M. guard. At least, it sounded like a bomb and both A.I.M. and the two mutants in distress thought it was a bomb, until A.I.M. soldiers began flying through the air, swatted like flies. A hulking figure was the cause of the disturbance. A gold and red flash who resisted every plasma blast the A.I.M. troopers could fire off before being pummeled indiscriminately.
“Who the hell?”
“Don’t question it, Julio. Fight!”
The two broke cover, Rictor rupturing the ground in front of him as a moving shield and striking targets one by one and M swinging the metal bumper like a home run pro.
“Don’t worry about these guys. They’re no match for PRIME POWER!” With that, Prime clapped his hands together and sent a wave of concussive force through the A.I.M. ranks. A clear path was laid out for Rictor and M, and they decided to take it.
“Who the hell is that guy?”


Spencer Carnage said...

sorry it took so long to get there. and it turns out, i left out the brian posehn cd. if you still want it, I'll send it. probably will take another week or so, though.

i'm a horrible contest prize giver.

Jon Hex said...

Hey, the more spoils the better.

Spencer Carnage said...

Gimme a few days. I'm lazy/busy and stuff. Let us know what you think about Y when you finish it!