Monday, November 1, 2010


...Captain America went emo and no one called him out on it?

To be fair to the people of the late 80's, the term "emo" hadn't been invented yet, but that is completely what happened to Steve Rogers. Back in '87, Rogers became distrustful of the government after a high ranking senator turned out to be an operative of the Secret Empire. When the Commission on Superhero Activities demanded Rogers come back to work as a government agent, he let go of the government owned Captain America costume and went into action as the black-clad The Captain.
This being the 80's you'd think they were trying to make Cap dark and gritty, but that was reserved for the new Captain America John Walker. Walker started off levelheaded, then went completely off the rails, killing loads of people before Rogers smacked him down. No, Rogers' black costume was to show his disillusionment with the government he held so high.

This is Sad Cap. Still kicked ass, though. He is the Super-Soldier.