Sunday, March 18, 2007


I know Morrison has been there before *coughJLA:Classifiedcough*, but The Authority #2 was a great issue that somehow seemed to emphasize the lack of wonder in reality while at the same time noting how special our world is. I wish Hawksmoor and the Doctor had decided to pop into Big Monkey, though. That would have been something. Gene Ha's realistic art on a title like The Authority makes a nice dichotomy, especially considering where they are.

I got three Garth Ennis books last week and you know what I found in common? People getting it in the face:

Damn you, Nicieza. I've always said there was one thing I wouldn't tolerate: Germans and Claremont. And now, the only Marvel hero I can look up to is that purple-masked supremacist, Zemo. Save us, Baron Helmut Zemo. You're our only hope.
I want to see Genuis Jones in current continuity. He'll be like a freelance detective, charging all his clients a dollar for his services because he's already independently wealthy. Maybe he could wear the costume when he uncovers the mystery.

Inspired by Superman #660 :

"I got a job, and they tell me you're the man to see. A shipment of gun parts is sitting at Gotham Harbor while the feds check the paperwork and approve delivery. I want that shipment, but I don't need the Bat or his freakshow sending my boys to the hospital. They say you're the man to solve my problem."

Leaning in from shadows, light from a exposed bulb shining off his green helmet, Killer Moth crosses his arms. "You want the Bat held up for the night, it don't come cheap."

"20 large, up front. 50 when the parts are mine."

Twirling a motharang, the Killer replies, "Deal. Considered the Bat busy for the night," throws the mid-level boss his card:
Killer Moth
Criminal Protection & Hero Distraction Services.
Just hit the Moth-Signal!
"Tell your friends."

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Scipio said...

"I wish Hawksmoor and the Doctor had decided to pop into Big Monkey, though."

Where do you think they got their copies of Captain America 25?