Sunday, May 13, 2007

This May Be Totally Unnecessary, But...

Something's been bothering me about the "new" Earth-2. It's about the newspaper Huntress is holding.

Now, the only reason I could see for including that paper was to say that the Earth-2 Superman that died during Infinite Crisis and the Powergirl leading the Justice Society are from that Earth-2 and that's why they're missing.

Only one problem: that Earth didn't exist until the end of Infinite Crisis.

The 52 Earths were exactly the same before Mister Mind went feasting, making the new multiverse and everyone in them basically brand new. So how the hell could we have seen people from their world if the world just came into existence? If Mister Mind's tampering somehow incorporated leftover beings in the rewriting, wait, that makes no sense at all.

I know it shouldn't really matter, and in fact, may not be the case at all. But still, I want to be the first to point out any inconsistencies. Though that adult Robin suit is badass.


Siskoid said...

Each Earth is actually an entire time-space continuum, with a full history etc. I suppose the multiverse itself does too, a "history" that at least records the interactions between parallel worlds.

Ok, so pre-IC, you have no multiverse (you do have an "outside" for Superboy to punch at, and hypertime, and the Crime Syndicate earth... so ok, it's a multiverse anyway, just not THE multiverse), but after IC you do.

When the [hypertime etc] multiverse is rewritten to become the current multiverse, then its own crossover/interaction history is also rewritten, not just the history of [New] Earth, or of each of its parallels.

After the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, no one was meant to remember the [original] multiverse, but they still remembered a Crisis, red skies, Flash's death, etc. But how could there even be a Crisis if their multiversal history had no parallel worlds? The event was retconned within the new multiversal schema.

Same thing here. We saw an old Superman die in IC, where did he come from? New multiverse says: Earth-2. It would also have Power Girl cross over (as Black Canary had before giving birth in the original multiverse). If a new history has been imposed, then that history must contain "multiversal" history, with crossovers, etc.

It's so hard to talk about stuff like this, I hope I'm making sense.

Captain Infinity said...

That's been bugging me as well, but now that I think about I wonder if this is going to be part of the upcoming JSA story we were teased about in JSA #1.

Adult Robin looks pretty cool, but I don't like Flash's "gritty" black costume.

Jon Hex said...

Here's the thing, every universe was the same as New Earth's, so every universe had a Powergirl from original Earth-2 to plug in wherever it pleased. And it wasn't the multiverse shifting to correct itself, these were on a individual basis from when that specific Earth was infected by Mister Mind. If Mister Mind wasn't there it would be 52 of the same Earth at different wavelengths.

andy g said...

You might as well go the whole hog and say how can the random earth munchings of Mr Mind leave a collection of multiple Earths that closely resemble pre-crisis concepts?

Power Girl and the Superman that died at the end of IC came from a pre-Crisis Earth 2. After the Crisis Superman remained in limbo while Power Girl was gradually integrated into the new post Crisis singular universe, believing she was an Atlantean amongst other things. These charades fell apart as Superboy Prime's punches began to undermine the singular universe. Power Girl's meeting with the original (Earth 2) Superman in Infinite Crisis brought back her pre-Crisis memories, and after mourning her death she took up her place as chairperson of the JSA, recognising her (skewed) place in its generational scheme. The difference between Power Girl, as well as Robin and Huntress from Earth 2 was their similar histories to Earth 1 counterparts. That the universe chose Earth 1 as the basis template rather than Earth 2 was what prompted Alex Luthor's assault on reality in Infinite Crisis. And when the universe created a new Huntress after the original was killed by the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons, it shows an effort on the universe’s part to redress that loss. Try to think of the DC Universe as sentient, or God, if you prefer.

And now we have a new multiverse - 52 possible worlds, created at 'random' by Mr Mind. And one of those worlds bears an uncanny resemblance to pre-Crisis Earth 2. And not only that, the Earth 2 heroes of this dimension have lost their Power Girl and Superman. Imagine if Power Girl unearthed the existence of this Dimension? Is it really home? Or just another charade? And what of her new life on New Earth? Could she leave it all behind? It could be the most heart wrenching cross-dimensional decision since Black Canary jumped into Earth 1 continuity all those years ago.

These aren't 'inconsistencies', these are possibilities.

And remember, it’s just comics, dude. And you're staring at that one panel for far too long. It's the Huntress' outfit, isn't it?

Siskoid said...

If you're looking for a Mr. Mind connection...

Is he aware of his pre-Crisis existence on Earth-S? If so, does he remember his little trip to Earth-2 in All-Star Squadron? Did he have multiversal knowledge in those pre-Crisis days, enough to recreate Charlton-Earth, Earth-X, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I'm content with the notion that Superman and Power Girl are "special" in the grand scheme of things, and their nature is such that they left an "impression" in the reality most like the one they came from. Remember, in ways that Alex Luthor will never quite understand, everything revolves around the Earth-2 Superman.

What I wonder about is, why do Huntress and friends look so angry at Dr. Fate? Do they think he's been hiding the missing Kryptonians all this time? Or did they discover that Dr. Fate has been stealing the JSA's newspaper?