Monday, May 7, 2007

Mary Jane Loves Spider-Man

Thanks to my brother Clayton, I feel compelled to write about this excellent story.

It starts out sweet, with Spidey taking MJ to the top of a spire to show off the best view of New York and as a respite from the crap factory their life has become.

Flashback to "Earlier", MJ stops at her favorite coffee shop for a pickup and runs into her old bodyguard from when she went to LA to be a star. They start chatting, only for Brad (the bodyguard) to drop why he's really there. He's a SHIELD man, now, and he wants MJ to give up Peter.

Across town, Detective Lamont, a supporter of Spider-Man, gets a visit from a vagrant who wants to be taken in. It's Spider-Man in disguise, wanting to turn himself in to get MJ and May out of their nightmare lives.

Both stories are anchored by flashblacks of the Peter and MJ's awkward courtship and it's to Fraction's credit that he has their characterizations down so well. Anyway, Brad's getting annoyed, wanting MJ to either bring Spidey in or he's going to take her in for aiding and abetting. But that's not the only reason. Brad was to save MJ from her hard life, to which MJ delivers the world's harshest reality check:

Meanwhile, Lamont takes in Peter's drama, but when a call goes over the police band that MJ is about to be taken into custody, he tells Peter to just go and he does, in the most police embarrassing save ever pulled off:

It's one of the best Spider-Man stories I've read in awhile, and certainly makes the case for Fraction to maybe do a series or storyline for one of the regular series. Mary Jane is shown as more than a worrying point for Spider-Man, she's his support, ready to back up her husband anytime, anywhere. Like with a cinderblock.

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