Thursday, May 17, 2007


Last week, Red Hood (Jason Todd) is portayed as a gung ho vigilante, a good guy who goes too far. It explains why he tries to save faux Lindsay Lohan from Duela Dent, but flies in the face of the past few months of Red Hood trying to set himself up as a gunrunner and kill the Green Arrow Family.

This week, Jimmy Olsen, Superman's pal, besides having the world's finest assistant, tries to get the real story of what killed Duela Dent. To that end, Supes gives him some backstory on the Red Hood, to help him understand better. I want to understand why Superman just gave Jimmy the keys to Batman's identity. I realize Richard Donner wants Jimmy to be stuck in the 50's cub reporter persona, but it wouldn't take much more than a Google search to link Jason Todd and Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne.

Now, Red Hood tells Jimmy some alien kills Duela Dent and then another alien prevents the first from killing Red Hood. Of course, Jimmy, like anyone would be, is confused. So who does Red Hood suggest Jimmy talk to, and eventually Jimmy does interview as if he would really have any idea why aliens were out killing people? The freakin' Joker. Yeah, you get to have your Hannibal Lecter moment, but Jesus, it makes no sense. Would he really think Joker knows what's going on because it seems crazy, so Joker must know about it? That, my friends, is faulty reasoning.

It's way too early in the series for me to start seeing faults if I'm supposed to follow this thing all year. But it's got Jimmy Olsen so I can't be too mad at it.


Big Mike said...

Dude, Jimmy's the same guy who can't figure out that his two best guy friends are the same person and that the only difference is that one of them has glasses. I think asking him to link Jason Todd to Batman would make his head explode.

Big Mike said...