Friday, May 11, 2007

I Wanna Get Political, Political! Let's Get Political!!

I've noticed something about BKV, that's Brian K. Vaughan to everyone except me, and it's this: the man has views. Not even going into his main outlet, or at least right now his secondary, BKV loves to make a statement.

Last week, which should have been Ennis Week, was co-opted when the Vaughanster did a guest issue of Midnighter. Let it be known, it was good. Done in reverse order, with every next page immediately preceding the previous, it was an interesting take on how Midnighter sees several steps ahead.

And let everyone reading realize we're way too dependant on foreign oil.

It's not to say the K. man should shut up and entertain, but it's something I've noticed. Personally, I like his stuff. His episode of Lost was really good, but you can't go wrong with two guys discussing the merits of the Flash.

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