Friday, May 4, 2007

Fightin' Nazis & Spider-Man 3

Well, there's nothing more I like to see than people beating on nazis and that's one of the reasons I like Zemo: Born Better #4.
This mini-series was a character study of the Zemo bloodline, how Heinrich (the one being punched) and Helmut (the one punching) were just the later of a long line of royals who believed they were better than the common man, thus deserving of rule. Helmut, shot into the past at the end of Nicieza's run on Thunderbolts, comes into contact with his ancestors and sees the truth in between what he was taught as a child.

It's a redemption story. Helmut, former leader of the Masters of Evil and supremacist, learns that his family is not as great as the family history lets on, and realizes that no matter how smart, clever, adept or whatever you are, it's how you treat other people that is the measure of a person. It sounds sappy, but when the focus is learning this while swordfighting and in general being a total badass, it doesn't come off sappy.

Which is why I let Zemo himself rechristen my blog.

I don't care what anyone else says, I loved Spider-Man 3! Especially Harry Osborn and all three of his and Spidey's fight sequences. Sure, there are things I would have changed, but with no real love for Venom, I don't give a damn how much characterization they gave him. The ending does seem rushed, and well, Kirsten Dunst was a bad choice for Mary Jane, period. But none of that makes me hate this movie. After reading a few reviews, I see a bunch of nitpicking and some seemed to have an outright condescension towards the super-hero genre in general.

Go see Spider-Man 3.

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rachelle said...

Spider-Man 3 rocked the house. Screw all the haters. I smiled like a loon the whole time.

But, yeah, Kirsten Dunst was a brutal Mary Jane.