Wednesday, May 9, 2007

That's All Lies!

I was in the comic book store, Big Monkey to you fellas, and arguing about the nature of the new mutliverse. As I understood it, all the universes(universi) exist together but in different dimensions, overlapping each other. Others thought the universes were separate and independant of each other. What it came down to, really, was whether the worlds were split apart or kind of formed back together.

So, I went back to 52 Week Fifty-Two. I found this:

I don't know whether it supports my theory all the universes are connected but it sure sounds that way.

Also, in Nightwing Annual #2, I disagreed with Marc Andreyko rewriting history to say that Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson were the same age. Others said that didn't happen.

It did:

And so I can rest now, secure in the knowledge that Jon Hex knows his shit.


Crowded House said...

Planets occupying the same space but vibrating at different speeds? Sounds like it's back to the way Gardner Fox first wrote it way back when in Flash and Justice League of America. And I'm cool with that.

Scipio said...

Touche on the second one, JB.

But the first one is, as CH says, just the same 'vibrational plane' routine as DC had pre-Crisis.

kyle-latino said...

I wrote a short little blurb about this.