Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So in two days, Thursday, I'll be participating in a podcast with much better bloggers than me, Scip of The Absorbascon, Devon of Seven Hells!, Ben of thosewednesdays, and Jon of Facedown in the Gutters. As such, I feel the need to prove my worth as it were, and maybe finally 'do' something with this blog that will be memorable.

Until I can think of something, I'll make a list. It's the in thing.

I rant a lot, mainly about the crap I hate. And rightly so, it is crap, after all. But I think I should just talk about what I like, currently in Marvel and DC, since I love both so much. Oooo, you wittle cuties! So,

30 THINGS I LOVE (platonically!) ABOUT MARVEL:

30. Zemo - The man who engineered the Avengers' Worst Day Ever is now one of the noblest heroes in Marvel. Questioning everything he's been taught since he was a child, Zemo strives to find a way to be worthy of the potential he was born with.

29. New Avengers - Yeah, they probably couldn't stop Galactus if he came hungry, but damn if I don't like the underground heroes who refuse to be owned by the government. While it's an interesting development, I can't wait until they're redeemed in the eyes of the public and give Iron Man a boot to the ass.

28. Nova - Bout frakkin' time someone got it right.

27. Mulitverse - Microverse, Negative Zone, Akron, etc. Marvel has never had a problem with alternate realities.

26. World War Hulk - Kick some Iron ass!

25. Dwayne McDuffie - &

24. Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy - Marvel's craziest ideas don't need to fight for their existence.

23. Mr. Sinister - He's evil.

22. Spider-Man's rogue gallery - Anyone of them can be a handful for any hero and the fact Spider-Man fights them everyday, and sometimes six at a time, makes him one of the greatest heroes around.

21. Thunderbolts - While I am still opposed to the changes to the team and rally against the nonsensical deployment of hardened murderers against superheroes, I have never had a reason to cheer on Jack Flag or American Eagle. Now, I do.

20. Patriot & Hawkeye - Young love.

19. Punisher MAX - Because Ennis needs the oultet.

18. Daredevil - I have never envied and pitied someone's life as much as I have Matt Murdock's. And he always keeps fighting, no 'Daredevil No More'.

17. Uncanny X-Men - Because Havok is The Man.

16. Hank Pym - Sex machine.

15. The Immortal Iron Fist -

14. She-Hulk - Hilarious and ingenious.

13. Moon Knight - He leaves his mark on criminals. With a board. On their faces.

12. The Sentry's origin - There aren't enough origin stories that start, "I was trying to get high when..."

11. Agents of Atlas - One of the best miniseries of recent memory and an interesting team to boot.

10. Cable & Deadpool - I can't stress enough about how well written, how funny, and how much frakkin' fun this book is. Nicieza tells stories deep mutli-layered stories, even the ones staring Deadpool.

09. X-Factor - Peter David reinvents the team but keeps the angst and humor. Plus, is there any character better reinvented than Jamie Maddrox?

08. Punisher War Journal - Tip of the iceberg.

07. Nextwave - fantastic.

06. Galactus - A giant purple armored man in a skirt eats planets. Badass. And his herald's pretty cool, too.

05. Runaways - Just good readin'.

04. Namor - The voice of reason.

03. Thor - Shall return.

02. Astonishing X-Men - The Best.

01. Winter Soldier - Because Bucky died off panel, retroactively.
Next time, I run down what I like about DC, the high points because I like a lot about both but can't really see making a list of 200 Reasons I Love Marvel/DC.


Crowded House said...

In re number 16: oh Hank Pym, you nasty boy. You just have a thing for women with animal themed powers, don't you?

John Foley said...

Dwayne McDuffie kicks ass.
Except for that scene where the Black Panther pins the Silver Surfer's arm behind his back. Dude, I don't care how much leverage you got. This is the freaking Silver Surfer here. The guy can destroy planets. You can't get him in a goddamn wrestling hold.
I really wish Adi Granov was doing the interior art for Nova. That would be something. We'd only get a new issue once every 6 months, but it sure would be pretty.