Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zero Zero:Year of Love

Got a little sidetracked yesterday, what with going to the comic store and falling asleep when I got home. As the old saying goes, "DON'T JUDGE ME!" Anyway, it's time for Marvel Boy #5, where Noh-Varr and Midas' daughter have a nice talk.

No, really. They talk. After Noh-Varr gets treatment for the beatdown Midas & Co. gave him last issue.

Noh-Varr goes first. Midas has been feeling his only offspring of Noh's people being intergalatic insectile mass murderers. Using Plex, Noh-Varr shows Midas' daughter that he is the last of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, insect DNA enhanced heroes who travel the cosmos and dimensions in their dimension-schooner "The Marvel". The fought weird Galatus clones, evil versions of themselves and of course, The Authority. And it all ended when Midas shot down their ship on their way home.

Midas' daughter has a very different origin. Her mother was basically a vessel for her unique upbringing. She actually was conceived in a human woman, but Midas pumped the woman with "information-rich toxins" to accelerate her development. It succeeded, seeing as she remembered her birth, which was Midas digging her out of her mother's poisoned body. I would but up pictures but this is a really dialogue-y issue, and while still well drawn and engaging, no picture really stands out as "Hey, look at this!"

Midas raised his daughter as a killer of all manner of creatures, and she has hunted vampires, unicorns, Kibbler elves, and a bunch of different nasties. He named her "Oubliette" and he told her to never remove her mask (don't know whether he suggested the dominatrix outfit, rather leave that area untouched), but it was too scarred for anyone to accept her. He lied.

Having shared thier pain, Noh-Varr lets Oubliette onto his plan to terraform Earth into a new Hala, giving humans a paradise whether they want to or not. And Oubliette wants in. Just in time to have Midas invade The Marvel and destroy Plex. Midas is here not for his daughter, really, he wants The Marvel's cosmic engine, so he can bathe in the cosmic radiation and become empowered like the Fantastic Four. As he walks into the engine, he has his men send the "Un-entity" after the young rebels. Told you this issue had the coolest use of a thought balloon.

I would sing praise upon this issue, but I just remembered last Wednesday was Ennis Week. And I must say he has a romantic side most people don't see. It's heartwarming.

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