Monday, April 9, 2007


First, there was It, The Living Colossus

Then there was Ego, The Living Planet

Next there was Morbius, The Living Vampire

And now, Morrison brings us HEXUS, THE LIVING CORPORATION
A sentient idea that Noh-Varr's team held in the concept-dungeons of The Marvel, Noh's ship. Hexus is a parasite, using sophisticated advertising to make people believe it has want they want, then employing them to expand and dominate the world. When all the planet's resources are used up, Hexus sends out it's mind drones out to find a new world to take over. No one realizes what Hexus really is, because to the general populace, it's just a successful corporation.

Leaving Noh-Varr the only one capable of saving the world and people he hates.

Noh-Varr finds the office where Hexus started, but it's upgraded and shed that small office like a dead skin. So, Noh decides to launch a strike against Hexus corporate offices. He causes quite the disturbance, and manages to reach Mr. Greepy, the CEO of Brand Hex. But he's just a figurehead for Hexus, and when Hexus uses up Creepy's body heat for eyeblasts, it just promotes another figurehead and then another.

With no real body to strike, it is seemingly futile for Noh-Varr to keep going on. But see the computer on the desk Noh's ducking behind? The Plex has hacked into Brand Hex's files and downloaded every trade secret of Brand Hex to it's competitors worldwide. The boy marvel just saved the world via corporate espionage.

That and a cosmic bullet.

Spent, injured and having damaged the enhancements of his suit, Noh-Varr fell to ground and is rousted by the local authorities. Before they can go all First Blood on him, a gold Cadillac pulls up and now Midas' daughter wants to finish Noh-Varr off.

While it is a diversion from the main story, this issue is pivotal to the character, showing Noh-Varr has a sense of duty and responsibility, the traits Marvel likes it's heroes to have. Noh-Varr wants revenge for Midas killing of his crew, but when push came to shove, he stepped up to save the morons, uh, people of the world. An important note if Marvel Boy was to be continued as a series.
And seriously, who doesn't think corporations are just a little evil?

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