Friday, April 13, 2007

Mindless: The End

Like Tyson Ritter said, it ends tonight.

As Noh-Varr and Oubliette take on the Mindless One, Midas, the man who unleashed to beast has emerged from The Marvel's cosmic engine a new man. Imbued with the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, with a little Cosmic Awareness thrown in, Midas has redubbed himself 'The Cosmic Man'. And now he wanted the secrets the Plex held.

Using his new abilities, he hacks into the Plex's brain and learns of the multiple universes the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt have been to, which he sees as the profiteering opportunity of a lifetime. Of course, Noh-Varr takes exception to Mid-, uh, Cosmic Man's plans. Leaving the Mindless One to Oubliette's expertise, Noh rushed to save is ship from Mida-, Cosmic Man's clutches. But him being all Super Skrull and all, Noh has his work cut out for him. Good thing he's triple jointed.

And that Oubliette's very good at what she does.

Yes, she's using the head of the Mindless One to shoot her father. And between Noh and Oub with her Mindless head, Cosmic Man is vaporized by the beams of the Mindless One. Well, not vaporized exactly. He gets pushed into the Mindless One's dimension.

Now that Mid-, uh, dammit, Cosmic Man is gone, Noh-Varr and Oubliette have a chance to process patricide and finally being free of the Midas touch. That is, until SHIELD shows up. Oubliette makes a slip and starts a revolution, while Noh-Varr is sent to The Cube, a prison designed to hold Doctor Doom. While we know what happens to Noh after this, look at that tag at the end. How cool would it have been to see Morrison take another crack at Marvel Boy, with a prison break and all kinds of anarchy? Fuckin' sweet, is what it would have been. Can't be too mad though.

Grant was too busy doing this.


Crowded House said...

Wow. I barely understand what's going on, but man that's awesome. Please tell me this was collected somewhere, I have no place to go quarter bin diving.

Scipio said...


Now there's truth in advertising.


Jon Hex said...

You're going to have to try eBay, probably.