Thursday, April 26, 2007

52:Week Fifty-One

I'm just going to go on the record saying I liked 52 as a experiment and an anthology of stories. It would have been better to not have been reminded that it was supposed to touch upon on the One Year Later changes, but World War III aside, it was worth the money. As far as Week Fifty-One is concerned,

It ruled.

Montoya's and Black Adam's stories pretty much concluded weeks past and now we get the end of the story for the space heroes. Adam Strange gets something he's been needing for about a year now, only the updated version. Lobo finally brings the Emerald Eye of Ekron to the Triple Fish whatever, and gets released from his nonviolence oath. And Buddy,

Well, let's say Morrison is good to his friends. I hope the guy in the robe lives there. If not, get some clothes on, old man! And Starfire keeps her word.

The main shock of this issue has to be the evil in Skeets and what 52 means for at least three of the characters in this series. Maybe even Ambush Bug, too.

My favorite part of this issue must have came from Geoff Johns, though.
Anyway, really great series and I'm on the edge of that thing you sit in for the finale, or the prologue of Countdown, however you want to see it. Countdown may top 52, if only for the fact it features one of the greatest comic creations ever:

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