Sunday, April 22, 2007

Discrepancies: My Continuing Battle With 52

So, I now find myself going through not only World War III, but 52 as well to find where the story pretty much goes round the bend. Which brings us to Nightwing.

Being caught up with the kinetic storytelling of 52, I didn't see the irregularities until I read WWIII and the reasoning behind it. The writers forgot to deal with the changes of One Year Later that 52 was supposed to address. But one of the things you'd think the writers would keep in mind was that at the end of Infinite Crisis, Batman, Robin and Nightwing went on a world tour to get back on track after Batman's meltdown. In Nightwing: OYL, Dick Grayson moves to New York to restart his Nightwing career after a long absence.
Now, I don't have the issue in front of me, because I buried it somewhere. It's godawful. But in continuity. Anyway, Grayson's kind of whiny about not being in the game for awhile and not being in prime shape.

But is a month really that long a time?

Unlike Bruce and Tim (Bruce Timm, weird), Nightwing almost immediately came back to Gotham and was in active duty up until Week Forty-Eight. So besides not having enough downtime as the headliners of the Bat-Family, what the hell could he complain about in Nightwing: OYL? He should have still been at the top of his game.

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