Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey, DC, You Remember Tad Williams?

I don't know if I can do a whole week of how World War III misfired but I certainly know what I'll be talking about today.

When DC gave the reins of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis to Tad Williams after Kurt Busiek's sword-&-water run, one of the first things Williams(from now on, I'm calling him Tad, because I don't get to say 'Tad' that often) did was starting reconnecting Aquaman to the rest of the DCU. Busiek kind of did in Action Comics when the aliens were selling our planet on eBay, but Tad had delegates from the most interesting new DC city come to Atlantis. Of course, I'm talking about Sub Diego.

But while reading World War III, I came across how Aquaman became the Dweller in Darkness. He had to barter with Neptune and Poseidon for the power to save a certain city from death. That city was Sub Diego.

So what happened? Did someone resink it during Busiek's run? Was Keith Champagne not the right person for this story? I liked his work on Green Lantern Corps and wish he would take over that series. But I would have preferred if a group of editors wrote this story, anyone who knew what was going on in the other series to not further complicate continuity. Which I will talk about tomorrow.


rachelle said...

Yeah...this occurred to me too. But I figured I just missed something somewhere. Or maybe DC is just all messed up.

doug said...

DC is now going to have launch a whole new blockbuster don't-miss-it maxi series to explain and/or clear up all the crap they shoved at us in WWIII.

Cabel said...

The story seems to be that "most" of Sub Deigo was raised, not all. So apparently only part of the underwater city was in danger?!?!?