Monday, April 16, 2007

Hulk Casting

Edward Norton as Bruce Banner

We need more decisions like this. We need comic book movies that have not only have good actors in them but actors who are appropiate for the character. No offense to Eric Bana, but he's not Bruce Banner. Every offense to Ben Affleck, he's no Matt Murdock. I can't wait to see how this will turn out.

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Sherin said...

All we really ask for is 'Respect of the Material.' If film studios did more of that instead of massaging their egos and taking these properties as jokes, we'd have better Comic adaptations. I think too often they confuse comic strips with comic books. The strips go for the punch line, the books for compelling storytelling(even when they contain humor).

We don't need completely faithful renditions. We just need to see the
essence of the characters and the books from which they hail. The casting of actors with teeth and the ability to do research shows that perhaps we're moving into the realm of respecting the material. I like the idea of Ed Norton as Bruce Banner and Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark; and when I think
about HBO¹s Preacher and the, ostensibly, positive development of Watchmen, I feel my old excitement about adaptations returning. It¹s been a long time
gone but I¹m glad to welcome it back.