Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Bored, Time For Who's Who

So, it's Catch-up On Sleep Sunday and I went to sleep early on Saturday, so I'm wide awake. It sucks and the only prescription is my collection of Who's Who. Which is impressive. Here are some things I found and would just like to share.

Team I would like to join by groupshot alone:

Found a new pic for the many times to come when I talk about Jimmy Olsen:

Is it weird this team transversed the Multiverse and established a world they named "New Earth":



These guys are still around (and drinking beer, apparently):

When are these guys coming back:

Take a look at this Outsiders shot:
He's actually throwing black lightning!
And Geo-Force still sucks, I don't care how many foregrounds you put him in.

And I leave you with this:
Make of it what you will.


Diamondrock said...

Whoa. That team's got *two* guys with top hats and canes. That's awesome.

Scipio said...

Meanwhile, based on constant observation of Geo-Force, Dr. Jace recalibrates her draft of the "Jacian Scale of Suckitude".

The ladies love the Phantom Stranger.