Friday, June 15, 2007

2 + 2 = RACISM!

So I just read something disturbing over at Living Between Wednesdays. And it got me to thinking.

This very badly planned survey was scheduled to end on September 30, 1970. Now, taking into account the time needed to manually process all those surveys, think of a character who could address the issues the kids were most interested in, and have a creative team create the comic for this new character to appear, only one character could have been a product of this civil rights tragedy.

John Stewart
Debuted January 1972 (Five years before Black Lightning)


rachelle said...

Oh my God. You're right!

Well, at least that means that kids were at least 'fairly interested' in reading about black people. I suppose that's positive. In a weird way.

BIG MIKE said...

And for the record, Black People are cooler than Pollution and Space Flight put together!

rachelle said...

If the survey results had been different, pollution could have been the new Green Lantern.

Scipio said...

You know, I had no idea John preceded Jefferson.