Friday, June 22, 2007

Countdown to Rom Spaceknight

I wasn't going to pick up Annihilation: Conquest. True, Annihilation didn't disappoint in any way and I had developed a fondness for the characters, but still. It would be the start of another series of mini-series and Keith Giffen wouldn't be at the helm. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning would be, though, and I loved The Legion. So I picked up the prologue. And you know what?

It is awesome! And it just might herald the return of the original spaceknight: Rom. And that ain't half-bad.

I used to read all these old Rom issues from the back issue bins of a comic book store I used to go to when I was like nine or ten, and I loved them. He wore the most usual armor I had even seen, and his hands looked like mittens, but damn if everybody didn't differ to Rom, and he knew how to take care of business. So I am girding myself for war (and destitution) yet again, and seeing who's handling the mini-series I feel confident my money won't be wasted.

Meanwhile, over in The Brave and the Bold...

I recommended people read Showcase Presents Challengers of the Unknown in the third Big Monkey Podcast, and suddenly, they're relevant again.

Just sayin'.
Is it weird that Waid's Legion's Fatal Five looks exactly like the 80's Fatal Five?

And why does Chameleon have wings?


Devon said...

Red Bull.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

whoa! This is leading to the return of Rom? Seriously?

That's enough to get me to pick it up.

I did love me some space-knight wraith banishing goodness. And I always thought one of the better uses of Rick Jones

Jon Hex said...

I don't know for certain Rom is coming back, but the setup for the Quasar mini and the return of the Spaceknights make it seem as though he can return. His Analyzer & Neutralizer would be extremely useful in stopping the Conquest.