Tuesday, June 12, 2007

232, 285, 312, 362...Dammit 405!

So, Saturday I played for the first time and to say I got spanked would be greatly unfair. Due to time constraints, I was prevented from being spanked. So what was I doing most of Sunday?
Trying to build a better 400-point team. Which is hard when you barely have a mid-level comprehension of the rules.
Anyway, without getting into the deep levels of points and powers, I put together this team (by the way, HeroClix comes in four levels: Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, & Unique):
Rookie Supergirl from the Unleashed line
Rookie Lobster Johnson from Indy
Rookie Intergang Agent from Hypertime
Rookie Two-Face from Unleashed
Experienced Doctor Octopus from Ultimates
Experienced Venom from Critical Mass
Veteran Cosmic Boy from Cosmic Justice
Even though I collect the Clix (because I thought they looked cool), I was hesitant to actually play the game because, well, it reek of D&D geekness. And I just couldn't go there. But, apparently, most of the guys at Big Monkey play the game (4 out of 5) and a bunch of other cats walked in looking for sport. Plus, I made friends with a soon to be Marine D&D player, so I just went in and had some fun.
Thanks to everyone who put up with my ignorance of the rules and I hope to get better, and KO more than Robotman.


Scipio said...

Actually, I thought we were pretty evenly matched, Jonnie!

You know what might help? Get Battleplanner; that's what I use to compose teams.

Walking through Destinys Garden said...

While Robot Man = Awesome... Dane Dorance is the King!!!

rachelle said...

I have never played HeroClix in my life, and know very little about them other than they are very cute and small. And Booster packs cost $9.95 at the store I work at.