Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just Sayin'

Big Mike (Mr. Pellegrino as he's known by the shopkeepers who kiss his ring as he strolls down Georgetown) seems to think that DC is less racist than Marvel. He claims that Marvel stresses stereotypes with characters like Luke Cage and the Falcon; the former being an ex-con (though I'm quick to point out, wrongly imprisoned) and the latter being a reformed street hustler, while DC, even though having a man in a blue and white suit who discharges yellow electricity calling himself 'Black Lightning', seeks to move around stereotypes.

But when the YELLOW-SKINNED, BIG TEETH aliens with big RED CIRCLES on their foreheads have their GIANT ROBOT emerging from MEGATOKYO,
I have to disagree.


Sharif M. said...

I know! This image totally blew my mind and I hate myself for giggling at it. It's just WRONG.

Spencer Carnage said...

Psssh. DC fans are just burnt because we came up with the X-men first.

Big Mike said...

Well, I think it's safe to say that DC's treatment of Asians is fucked up (see also: Egg Fu)... and native Americans too (see also: Super Chief)... I guess there are stereotypes perpetuated all over comics... but minorities in Marvel are almost exclusively defined by stereotypes and common assocations with their race (i.e. Cage, Black Panther). While DC does indulge in stereotypes (Black Lightning is a good example) it also has a lot of characters that are racially diverse and yet not wholly defined by the color of their skin (Mr. Terrific, Steel, Renee Montoya, Klarion the Witch Boy [blue is a skin color too!]). Granted, it's difficult to make these distinctions across company lines since these attitudes are primarily creator driven, rather than editorially driven if you ask me. But I think DC has a better and deeper array of complex minority characters who are real characters instead of just personifications of racial paradigms. But that big ass japanese robot is hilarious.

Jon Hex said...


If you are referring to Black Panther being called 'Black Panther', he debuted the same month the Black Panther Party was started, making it a very weird coincidence, not an intentional ploy for Black support.

Black Panther kicking the Fantastic Four's ass in his first appearance was more than likely the ploy for Black support.