Sunday, January 7, 2007

Here's What I Don't Get

Why the New Warriors?

They came together while fighting Terrax the Tamer and we're expected to believe Speedfreak is out of their league. Because he fought the Hulk? Please! Terrax was given the power cosmic by freakin' Galactus and a guy with blades and a little speed somehow trumps Terrax? Granted, only half of that original New Warriors team was present, and Microbe is(was) not a substitute for any of them, but half of Terrax is like a Carnage or even an unmasked Juggernaut. A twelfth of Terrax would probably still kick Speedfreak's ass.
And Nitro? He explodes. And while I have problems with Guggenheim's storyline, he did get one thing right about Nitro in Wolverine; his explosions weren't powerful enough to do the kind of damage in Civil War #1. And Captain Marvel died of cancer. Just because Nitro had been in the vicinity of Marvel's radiation exposure does not give him any claim to taking Marvel down. That's like Joe Gunshop taking the claim of killing Punisher's victims. And the woman had swords. Seriously, the New Warriors were the wrong team for the story. They've been around for as long as Stark's been sober and Night Thrasher was the kind of guy to run drills ten times to get maneuvers and takedowns right. I don't know why they were following Speedball's lead.
Nicieza needs to start a New Warriors book. With Thunderbolts becoming Marvel's Suicide Squad, a 'new' New Warriors team could start up as Marvel's Outsiders counterpart. Justice could get all badass and recruit a team Night Thrasher style, throwing people off rooftops and blackmailing them to join the nation's most hated team. I'd read it.
And what's the deal with Namor refusing to help Cap? He seemed all gung ho about it in Black Panther, but now he takes offense by being asked by Sue Richards to join their side? He really expects the guy running the show to go see everyone personally to ask for their help? Stop being an ass, Namor. This is WAR!


Spencer Carnage said...

Amen. The Warriors have been around the block and back, but still, they get no respect. If Marvel really wanted the New Warriors book to skyrocket they would get Fabian and Bagley back on it. When I heard about the relaunch I was hoping that Speedball and Marvel Boy would be on the team with Rage, Nova, and Sil coming back. Throw in someone like Arana and Gravity, and you would have a kick ass line up. Unfortunately, it'll probably be nothing like that at all.

Jon Hex said...

I don't know. Both Rage and Sil popped back up as Anti-Reg, like Marvel Boy and Marvel Boy(Justice). With Arana selling out and Gravity dead, they'd have to pick up the Hood and Nova's always good for some anti-authoritism. It could work. Bagley will be free from Ultimate Spidey, so it would be the perfect time to snatch him up for a New Warriors reboot. Hope they don't call it The New New Warriors, is all I want.

Justice could hang Arana's father off a rooftop and convince her to switch sides.