Tuesday, January 16, 2007

52: Death Sentence

Is the point of 52 to build up fourth tier characters then killing them in spectacular fashion?

Booster Gold's death I understood. Didio hates Keith Giffen's Justice League. But Animal Man? Was that really necessary? And from the 'Free Kahndaq' graffiti, I'm guessing the Black Adam Family will come to a bad end.

I'm hoping I just have the wrong idea about the whole thing. But it seems to be the trend with DC and Marvel, especially for their special events. I'm trying hard not to get too attached to Jack Flag in Thunderbolts, because when you have Bullseye and Venom running someone down, it's going to end badly.

What gets me more is that I kind of liked Ralph from the Giffen's Justice League days and his new Leaving Opal City persona is growing on me. I don't want to read fifteen more weeks of heroes dying left and right just so we have a new Batwoman. And Supernova should have his own series, I don't care who he really is. it just seems that this 52 part maxi-series will be for nothing if all the most interesting people wind up dead.

I could read Hamlet for that.

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