Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hypothetically Speaking...

So, in the interest of expeditiing a new New Warriors series, I've decided to line up a a new team of my choosing, just to give Nicieza a hint as to what direction to go in. Like all good reboots, we need to not only look at the past, but plan for the future. To make the coolest team of the 90's into the coolest team of the 00's, we need some of the best characters in the Marvel U. Or at least, make them seem cool, i.e. Warpath.

Justice-Vance Astrovik
Having lost his former teammates to Nitro and his girlfriend to the Registration, Justice is out to prove he's no longer the wide-eyed Avenger wannabe he was before. He knows the New Warriors backlash is overblown, and wants to show the world how effective and competent the New Warriors were in the past and can be again.

Returning members:
Rage-Elvin Daryl Haliday
Having experienced the ultimate price of losing a secret identity, Elvin hates what the Registration is asking heroes to do. He decides to change his identity, mostly because having a young black man named 'Rage' in any time period other than the Civil Rights Movement is faintly racist. I am also against leather vests, tiger striped luchedor masks, and scary metal helmets on heroes.

Losing Night Thrasher, despite their turbulent relationship, took a toll and Sil joined to Anti-Reg side as a stance against the New Warriors backlash. Her connection has strengthened over the years to wear she can move somewhere around six or eight other people through the Darkforce Dimension, and her phase can stun a Thor clone for a few seconds.

New Members:
Lifeguard-Heather Cameron
Just to get this out of the way, I hate Claremont. That aside, I like this character he created. The power to adapt your body to come to the aid of others is the most ideal power a hero can have. I just want someone, besides Claremont, to bring her back, and with her age, this would be a good place.

Marvel Boy-Noh-Varr
He'd really be an accidental member, popping up so many times that eventually people would just believe he was part of the team. He would believe the New Warriors were like his army, making way for the new world order.

Shocker-Lancaster Schultz
Yes, I just made him up. The son of the criminal shocker, Lancaster 'inherits' the Shocker costume and gear after the elder Schultz decides the super-villain biz has been just too hard. Lancaster reworks the suit and joins up for Justice's cause. Why? If he doesn't, Justice wil release the video of Lancaster holding up a liquor store. There has to be blackmail.

Character I Would Throw In, Just 'Cause:
Kristoff Vernard aka Dr. Doom II
I'll admit right now, I'm a huge geek. And seeing characters from the past pop up in the present is not only something I like, but something Nicieza excels at. And with the distinction of being personally chosen by Doom himself to carry on the name, Kristoff could be the Brainiac 5 of the Marvel Universe.

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Spencer Carnage said...

I was going to do a post just like this myself but I never sat down to do it. Every time I did, I found myself going with all of the old school guys that were still alive with the likes of Gravity or Arana thrown in there for good measure. The interview with newsarama with the new writer sounds interesting, but I can't say anything until I see who they have on art. And I'm thinking that when Nova comes back, he should be pissed and leading the New Warriors.