Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tell Me I'm Funny

So I've been writing articles for Bugle's Planet Daily. It's a irreverent newsblog about comics with no real news, just amusing articles of a hilarious nature. There are quite a few contributors and they are all very funny, and well, I need to know whether I'm rocking it or not.

So, go to the site. Read the articles. And if you happen to see "Posted by Jon Hex", let me know what you think.

That Avengers West Coast post is in the works. I just need the book and I'll get to scanning. We recorded a new podcast last week and should be up soon, so look out for the Big Monkey podcast. We got two reviews on iTunes, which means we're kicking ass. And I leave you with this from my ever present Who's Who:

Can you guess the artist of this masterwork?


sherin said...

Jon? Tell me you meant 'irreverent' and not 'irrelevant' cause otherwise my feelings are hurt. (grin)

I think you're very funny and I always love your posts...but I am your friend so I can't wait to see what JHL readers have to say.

heck, I might be the unfunny one...dang it, now I've got angst

Jon Hex said...

Huh. What did I mean?

Siskoid said...

No one yet? Ok, that great Killer Shark pic is by none other than Kyle Baker.

But I cheated.

Don't judge me. It's so easy, my Who's Whos are right on my desk!

Jon Hex said...

They should be on everyone's desk.

sherin said...

No worries (grin) you know I'm weird. Bottomline: You're definitely funny!