Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Last Week Kicked All Kinds Of Ass

Read Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special Prologue. Right now! For not only the ending, but for everything before and to be on the ground floor. I don't care if you haven't read an issue of Green Lantern before and don't even know who or what Kilowog is, buy it and read it NOW!

I got the Heroclix Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Set and something interesing caught my attention. The Ultra-Boy click is 30 points more than the Young Superman (release the damn name, Spawn of Siegel & Shuster!) click. Some would say that is because Ultra-Boy has more experience at that point in Supes' development. I say Jo Nah has the invaluable quality of being a certified badass.

And apparently tennis still exists a thousand years from now.

I picked up three of the Avengers Heroclix booster packs. In them, I got Ares, Iron Lad, Namorita (R.I.P.), Wonder Man, Moon Knight, Giant-Man, Crossbones, the Red Skull with Cosmic Cube, the Living freakin' Laser, WWII Ultimate Captain America (my favorite costume), Luke Cage, USAgent, the Blazing Skull (I love insane heroes), Yondu (of Guardians of the Galaxy, can you believe it?) and the Winter Soldier. It's like fate contained in cardboard and plastic.

Speaking of insane heroes, Cable & Deadpool came out. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but read Cable & Deadpool. Jon Milan does a great impression of Rob Liefeld.

I got the first two volumes of Scott Pilgrim from and only after reading them do I feel slightly cheated out of not having a hot ninja delivery girl drop them off. Still, now I know why indy comics exist.

I found an old Dwayne McDuffie Avengers West Coast story. It has monster trucks. There will be a post.

But still some things did bug me...

I don't know what's going on with Supergirl and Wonder Girl in Teen Titans and Amazons Attack!, but it reeks of Terra from the Teen Titans cartoon. And I have no love for the Terra from the Teen Titans cartoon. She sucked just a shade under Geo-Force does regularly. Are there any teen male heroes who react like petulant children whenever something happens they don't feel is fair? I don't see them.

How hard is it to remember the status of a character you not only created but depowered four months ago? Must be a little hard, because for some reason Mike Carey has Pan in the group of monitors at the end of the first Endangered Species side story.


Derek said...

"Young Superman (release the damn name, Spawn of Siegel & Shuster!)"

They can't use the name Superboy? News to me.

On a related matter; Ares, Luke Cage, AND WWII Cap?


Those are pretty much all I want out of the Avengers set. Me, I'm saving my money for the Justice League for when it comes out... whenever.

Jon Hex said...

Apparently the S of S&S wanted royalties from the use of the name Superboy and that's why Kon-El is dead and Superman is on the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon instead of Superboy.

WWII Cap has FOLLOWTHROUGH. It's genius.

Michael said...

Not quite. That makes it sound like it's all the Siegels' fault. There's more on my blog the Legion Omnicom. This is from April 2006, and there has been no news since.

In a nutshell, a judge upheld a ruling that said the heirs of Jerry Siegel own the rights to Superboy (young Clark Kent in the super-suit). Siegel won the rights back in a 1947 trial and sold the rights to National (DC) in 1948. According to then-current copyright law, the rights were to revert 28 years later (1976), but in 1976 Congress updated the laws for another 28 years (which would be 2004) and gave the rights holders the opportunity to get them back at the end of the 56 years. That's what the Siegels did in 2004, and the judge ruled that since DC bought the rights in 1948, that very fact acknowledged that the Superboy rights belonged to the Siegels. It's likely that the Siegels and DC/Time Warner will come to some agreement at some point, but who knows when and what the details might be. Until then, the appearance of Superboy for the forseeable future is unclear.

So the cartoon had to call him a "young Superman" rather than Superboy, since those rights are still in contention. DC still owns the trademark (logo, character appearance), but in theory the Siegels could license the name to Marvel, for example.

The recent Legion Showcase volume has Superboy on the cover and all over the insides, so either that was all covered under the original agreement in place in the 1950's-60's or the Siegels have allowed limited use. Dunno.