Friday, July 6, 2007

Batman & The Outsiders

Not to call DC's editorial competency into question, but doesn't this promo shot
pretty much ruin the planned weekly mini-series that builds the team? Maybe it's misdirection.

Also, if Batman will be leading the Outsiders now, does that mean there will be a spot open in the Justice League? As much as I like the Big Three in the JLA, DC seems to have a one team membership limit and not having Nightwing on a team makes me think DC is freeing him up for death. He could go to the Titans, but what would be the point of two junior Batmen on one team, no matter how badass it would be?


Tom said...


Isn't there a rumor going 'round about a new "old" Titans book being started (with the original members). Dick could go there instead of being killed off.

Also, I think Dwayne McDuffie has said that nobody's off the JLA for the present; people will be added, not removed. So my guess (and hope) is that Batman remains in the JLA, and perhaps functions more as an administrator for the Outsiders, bankrolling them, guiding them, and giving them missions. If J'onn is actually on the team, then they'll have a perfectly capable field leader anyhow.

Jon Hex said...

Didn't they do a "old" Titans book before? And apparently Flash and Arse-uh, Red Arrow is going to be in JLA, Donna is locked up in Countdown and Tempest is depowered.

Tom said...

I think they did do one before, although I was off comics at the time so I don't know much about it.

You're right that Red Arrow and Donna are tied up, but I don't think it's settled that Wally will join the JLA. In the Sinestro Corps Special the current leaguers comment that they wish Wally had officially joined the JLA, as he would have been handy against the Reverse Flash.

At any rate, none of those things (or Garth's present lack of powers) would be hard to change if DC wanted to do so.