Friday, May 2, 2008

Not To Harp On McKeever, But...

Really? Superheroes don't forge documents?

So everyone in his precinct knows John Jones is actually J'Onn J'Onzz?

So DEO knew Diana Prince was Wonder Woman the whole time they were looking to apprehend her?

How did Supergirl manage to enroll herself in high school?

Doesn't Oracle hack into federal databases on an hourly basis?

C'mon, McKeever, you are better than this forced bit of drama.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you for this.

This is the single-most manufactured conflict I've seen in a book full of manufactured conflict.

Bruce got Diana that identity even. It's who you go to. In everyone's new favorite book (grumblegrumble) Nightwing, Tim is hacking Govt. databases nonstop to track down Al'Ghul references.

To help a "friend" go to school and feel normal, not so much.

This is my entire problem with Teen Titans since Young Justice, they're all just inexplicable dicks to each other.

Drew said...

Spot on, Jon.
Robin comes off as either a hypocrite or a clueless idiot, considering who his mentor happens to be. McKeever chose the wrong guy to be his "let's stand up for truth" mouthpiece.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

You may be the lat person I know still reading Teen Titans.

Tim Drake trains under the Batman, master of disguise. They're not forging birth certificates to freakin steal welfare money. It's for a disguise!

Go away McKeever, turn this book over to someone who knows who the characters are.