Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Want A New Captain Marvel Book

You know what really bugged me? The Power of SHAZAM!

Yes, it was a great series that brought not only the Marvel Family back, but just a touch of the innocent fun back to the character. Yeah, Cap, Jr. kept running off, but even in his Golden Age years, he was meant to be just a bit separate from the Big Red Cheese. Anyway, it just bugged me that Captain Marvel, one of the greatest characters DC ever bought, couldn't have his name in the title. Impulse had his name emblazoned on a book and he didn't get really popular till the series started.

The title needs to be shared. Marvel hadn't used the title Captain Marvel since that one-shot in '89 starring Monica Rambeau. If only they could do some kind of Amalgam deal and release a $3.99 double feature series starring both characters in their respective universes, so no one loses out and both characters get equal face-time.


Drew said...

Rumor is there's a Shazam book in the pipeline, one not aimed at preschoolers either.
If so, I suggest they revert to keeping the Marvel Family in their own world with no DCU crossovers-- they don't fit in the mainstream DCU very well.
And btw, Jeff Smith's version? Total and absolute suckage. I like Smith's work a lot usually but his Shazam was an atrocity.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple: Marvel allows DC to call the comic "Captain Marvel", and DC allows Marvel to call a comic "Captain DC."