Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To DC Comics,

You suck.

For, but not limited to, the reasons listed here, DC Comics has been found guilty of publishing utter shite and taking the company-wide crossover into over-bloated insanity.

  • For saddling Will Pfieffer and Dwayne McDuffie with lame tie-ins while they are a perfect fit for the books they're writing. No one cares about Salvation Run, we want Catwoman running the East End and a good Justice League story.
  • For giving Bruce Jones work.
  • For Countdown. Garbage.
  • For Infinity Man being the New God Killer. I'm sorry if that spoils it for you, but since they made it so damn easy to figure it out, you shouldn't be surprised. I mean, really, frickin' Infinity Man? Who didn't guess that and think, "It can't be Infinity Man. That's too easy." Fuck you, Stalin.
  • For replacing Greg Rucka with Bruce Jones on Checkmate.
  • For Trials of Shazam! and the fact that a twelve issue mini-series hasn't ended fifteen months later. And the hack job Winick did on Captain Marvel, Billy Batson & Freddie Freeman. Save your magic scripts for Juniper Lee and give us the superhero Captain Marvel is supposed to be.
  • For bringing back The War That Time Forgot and having it written by Bruce Jones.
  • For Gotham Underground being a prelude to Salvation Run but coming out at the same time.
  • For The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul. What's the point if Ra's gets drugged and locked in Arkham the very next month?
  • For A.J. Curry-Aquaman talking down to Superman & Batman. That was just crap.
  • For the Forerunner back-up in Countdown to Adventure. Ugh.
  • For the Eclipso back-up in Countdown to Mystery. What the hell is that, some filed away crap you just decided to throw on the back of Dr. Fate?


Anonymous said...

Agreed on all counts. Doubly so on any counts involving Bruce Jones.

Bruce Jones? Name anything he's done that hasn't been a steaming pile of crap, DC.

BIG MIKE said...

Damn Jon, tell us how you really feel?

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Am I the only one liking Salvation Run?

Jon Hex said...

If Salvation Run had been it's own series instead of part of the Countdown to Final Crisis machine, I may have been more satisfied with it. As is, it doesn't seem like the end result will have anything to do with Final Crisis, because really, did any of these villains need to be shipped off planet to inspire them to commit crimes?