Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McKeever Needs A New Playbook

Sean McKeever, you come onto Teen Titans after Geoff Johns' Titans East storyline, follow it up with Titans Tomorrow Today and now present us with the Terror Titans. Did it occur to you that all these evil Titans teams might become tedious after, say, the second group? How much reader interest do you think there is in the Clock King?

Please try a different tack? I'll ready to drop this series from my pull list, and I'm the guy waiting for a new Sentinel mini-series.


Siskoid said...

I guess it's what happens when a team book fails to develop a proper rogue's gallery. Forever doomed to fight among themselves.

lou said...

I feel kinda bad for him because he got forced into writing Titans Tomorrow... Today. He probably should have just reused characters from Titans East to make the Terror Titans. That would have made more sense and we wouldn't have to worry about being stuck with these weirdos.