Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool Stuff So Far

Peter Tomasi and Rags Morales are poised to bring Nightwing back in a big way. As a long time fan of Nightwing who was wondering why Tim Drake got his own series first, Nightwing was a welcome addition to my long boxes. Only problem was that after Chuck Dixon left, writer after writer failed to present Nightwing as he should be presented. They made him Batman-Lite, giving him so many problems and fits of depression that he wasn't recognizable as Dick Grayson, the circus acrobat who was the personality opposite of Batman. Batman was grim and serious, Grayson was happy and playful. Right from the start, we get that Dick Grayson back and after two years in New York, Tomasi has Grayson setting down real roots, not working as a male model. I think anyone who thought Didio was right should take a look at this book and eat their words.

This is the most honest idea ever presented in a DC comic. If someone you loved was dying, you would yell for the same person.


Drew said...

=sigh= There has to be *some* limit to superhearing!

The Blot said...

I tottally agree with you on that page of BC/GA. Its the first time I've seen that used, and something so simple should have seemed so obvious to us all. Might just be the best idea Judd Winick's had in a while.

Patrick C said...

drew- don't you read Countdown? Superman was able to hear Jimmy's signal watch while in the vacuum of space! His super-hearing defies all logic... and physics!

Riddering said...

Except, of course, when Lois needs him. Then it's all "Oh, honey, you know sound doesn't travel in space. Plus...moon insects! D:"

And I'm among the many, the shocked, the awed, who have been reading these positive reviews of Nightwing and actually considering buying it this week. What amazing times we live in!