Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tony Can't Count

After reading One More Day Part 1, you know what really bothered me? It wasn't the melodramatic claptrap or the weird shading on Peter's nose. It was in the appendix, with the Spidey costumes.

The Iron Spider suit had three cybernetic arms. Counting Spidey's natural two arms and two legs, that's only seven appendages. Spiders have eight. And then it hit me.

Tony Stark is the kind of guy that would count the "third leg."

Always classy.


Rambo said...

I just got this image of Peter asking about that very thing and being told to to count his "third leg," to which Peter can only stare in abject disgust.

Then Tony shotguns a PBR and slaps Aunt May on the ass.

"Wanna see my shellhead, you old wrinkled old cooze?!"

Rambo said...

Damn Blogger and it's lack of comment editing!

Jon Hex said...

I stand in abject horror of "old wrinkled old cooze."