Friday, September 14, 2007

Everybody Get Random

I need that jacket. Today.

As a budding HeroClix player, I sometimes think about the Clix I would like to see made, like X-jacket Cyclops. He would have I DON'T HAVE CLAWS(Willpower), Leadership, Close Combat Expert, 9MM(Range Combat Expert) and FIRST X-MAN(Perplex for every X-Men Team member within 10 spaces).

Another idea I had was Noh-Varr Marvel Boy. He would have BUG DNA(Leap/Climb), KREE WARRIOR(Close Combat Expert), PLODEX(Exploit Weakness), SPIT(Mind Control), FINGERNAIL(Energy Explosion), & MUSIC TO MY EARS(Toughness). Yes, I want to build a Morrison team.
The Legendary Heroes Pitt figure? It's huge. HUGE.

We recorded the latest Big Monkey Podcast on Thursday with a special guest:Mike Pellegrino of Are You Feelin Big Mike? To say the least, it was memorable.
Not to put down Justice League of America Wedding Special, but someone needs to let McKone know who is or isn't active when doing group shots. Having Jack Knight in his Starman gear, Black Condor(Golden Age) in costume, Tempest without his white hair and pale skin, Space Ranger(?), and somehow Dr. Fate is just too much for this continuity whore to deal with.
That said, it was the best Justice League writing in almost three years or more. Dwayne McDuffie took what would have been a throwaway special and made it a springboard into the new Justice League storyline. Awesomeness ensues.
Moon Knight will save you.


Jon said...

I figured Jack dusted off his more-or-less costume so all the guys that haven't seen him in like five years would remember who he was.

And then McKone made him look like a girl, but that's beside the point.

Scipio said...

I thought he was Jakeem Thunder at first.

Yeah, the Black Condor was quite a shock, since that's not really a recent change, and since I'm pretty sure that that Black Condor never met Ollie Queen on panel...

Jon Hex said...

The last time GA Black Condor was shown he was a Secret Service agent and still the same age, so that at least is correct. But he seemed to have abandoned the superhero gig.

Dr. Fate being there is what is bugging me the most, since his series seems to have been postponed or changed into Countdown to Mystery. And the first act of his new career is to show up at the wedding of a guy he doesn't know.