Friday, August 10, 2007

Soundtrack of Our Geeky Lives

So, those of you who have listened to the Big Monkey Podcast know that during the Lightning Round, one of the questions was what music would go best with a comic or storyline, etc. Of course, I could barely think of an answer at the time, but over the past week ideas kept coming to me. So here are a few of my suggestions for comic soundtracks:

The beginning of Renee Montoya's storyline in 52: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Any Crisis: The Transformers Soundtrack (1987)

Justice Society of America #8: It's Been Awhile by Staind

Captain America #25: Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter

Anything drawn by Michael Turner: Burn In My Light by Mercy Drive

All Star Superman: any Beatles song that fits the story

Black Knight's Theme: Bittersweet Symphony (instrumental) by The Verve

New X-Men by Yost and Kyle: DOA by Foo Fighters

The Return of The Flash: Lightning Crashes by Live

Jack of Fables Theme: What You Know by T.I.

Quicksilver's evil turn theme: Still Running by Chevelle

The Sinestro Corps power brokers: Apocalypse Please by Muse

Robin's past four years: Alive by Pearl Jam

Song for Elektra, Typhoid Mary, Black Widow & Echo about Daredevil: Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt

Penance's Theme: Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

Eclipso: The Darkness Within: I Am The Anger by Firewind

Zoom's Theme: Break You by Drowning Pool

Song in Blue Beetle's head when he met Traci 13: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Namor's Theme: King of Kings by Motorhead

Gen 13's Theme: Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd

When The Winter Soldier finally accepts the mantle: What I've Done by Linkin Park

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JYD said...

I am so painfully looking forward to reading some Namor tonight with that on. I think you've just made my night.