Friday, August 3, 2007

Mike Carey Agrees With Me

In the latest issue of X-Men, Mike Carey brings up a point that pretty much ruined Guggenheim's run on Wolverine for me. Guggenheim seems to believe Wolverine resurrects from every major injury and has to fight for his soul before regenerating his flesh. Which is stupid. Wolverine heals, and from his earliest appearances always made sure he didn't get burned to death. Hell, in Days of Future Past, he was burned to death. And yet, Guggenheim has him survive a point blank hypercharged Nitro explosion where he's burned to the skeleton and comes back to life, making Wolverine unkillable. It's beyond even my comic book sensibilities to accept.

Isn't it weird Humberto Ramos drew both those stories? And that this spread is incomprehensible? How big is Harpoon supposed to be? Are they fighting through the ground Rogue is lying down on?

By the way, most of you probably already know about the two new Metropolis police officers, but what you probably don't know is that their series, HERE COME THE BLACK & WHITE'S!, is currently being developed in the minds of everyone from Big Monkey. But we need your help! Any artists out there(or anyone who can make stick figures look different) please send your interpretations of Officers Scipio Garling and Devon Sanders to I'll probably end up posting any entries in a grand post, dedicated to the newest members of the MPD.


Jon said...

I remember an early issue of Wolverine where he was fighting Tigershark, and as he was getting pulled deep underwater he was thinking "healing factor can't counteract drowning, got to reach the surface" (although, how did he know...). I hadn't seen that Wolverine-gets-incinerated bit before. That's brutally retarded.

Anonymous said...

Comic book writers seem to forget that INVINCIBLE HEROES ARE BORING. Vulnerability makes them INTERESTING.

Remember when the Reavers totured and royally jacked Wolverine up and left him crucified in the Australian Outback? And how he healed, but it took a really, really long time before he was back to 100% health?

I really like the character, but since the late 1990s he's just been ridiculous.

Good to see the Marauders back, though. Go Prism!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

gawd bless ya for being the only guy on the podcast who gets World War Hulk. It is awesome