Monday, February 5, 2007

What have we gained?

Post Infinite Crisis, where DC was supposed to enter a new golden age and all these new creators were supposed to make us love DC's greatest again?

Where is it?

Think about the books you were reading before IC reared it's head, before OYL entered your thought processes. Hawkman, Flash, Wonder Woman, JLA, Teen Titans, Manhunter, etc. Now think about what books you're looking forward to reading this month. Are any of those on the list? Do they even exist anymore?

I looked forward to Hawkman beating the holy sh!t out someone month after month and Wonder Woman beating the holy sh!t out of someone month after month with a more diplomacy. Now, I can only get Wonder Woman month after next month, and even when she's in Justice League of America, well, she's not doing much of anything. And don't get me started on Hawkman. Seeing him crash a family picnic was catharsis.

Yeah, Manhunter isn't IC's fault, but still, it's gone. And what is left in it's wake? What's left, that's good, I mean. Teen Titans is the epitome of mediocrity. Wonder Woman is great, but it's on the third issue after a year. Justice League of America is pretty well discussed on many other blogs, which is the point. And Hawkgirl? Space vagina.

Not that everything's bad. Robin has been better, and well, Grant Morrison and Paul Dini are handling Batman. Busiek is the best Superman writer in a while, and if Geoff Johns was idolizing him instead of Richard Donner, Action Comics wouldn't be redundant tripe. Checkmate is a worthy successor to Gotham Central(as a showcase for Rucka's talent), but that doesn't mean I don't miss GC. Especially with Crispus in that stinker Tales of the Unexpected (no offense, Azzarello) and Montoya's story losing all steam in 52.

I don't know whether this post has any point than just to ask whether anyone else is as disappointed as I am.

And Black Lightning's new costume looks like a rejected evil Flash suit.

Just saying.

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