Friday, February 9, 2007

Everybody Get Random

Is it just me or did New Avengers #27 come out too soon?

Want to see the lamest version of the Acolytes/Brotherhood? Read X-Men Annual #1. Still a good story, but Random, Tempo and Frenzy? It's more like the Alliance than the Acolytes.

All the rape Marvel won't show seems to end up in DC. Namely Jonah Hex #16.

I don't care what anyone else says or thinks, Batgirl kicks ass in Supergirl #14. But watch out for Kirby machinery.

Geoff Johns further pulls back the veils of time giving us a new(?) origin of Mon-El in Action Comics Annual #10 and shows us what Luthor's been up to since Up, Up And Away. Also, 52 Week Forty is the best place for a throwdown between two geniuses inspired by Superman to better themselves.

Chili cheese burgers are great. But you shouldn't eat them everyday. I try like once every two weeks, to remind myself how good they taste.

The Irredeemable Ant-Man is a right bastard. Check out issue #5. A real bitch's bastard.


Spencer Carnage said...

The lamest version of the Acolytes? Isn't that a double negative? Actually, I like the Acolytes and I like Random. I also LOVE Psionex, so that shows you where I'm coming from.

Jon Hex said...

Three people, though. They use to average like fifteen, and the best Exodus could come up with are those three jokers, no offense. It's like he wanted to lose.

Spencer Carnage said...

Yeah, but that was the 90s. In the 90s you needed 15 guys because everyone had mullets and some kind of dark, dark secret. In today's world, our heroes are not as invincible and lame ass villians get a second chance at being a bad ass. Just you wait, The Forces Of Nature will have Avengers pooing in their pants very, very soon.