Sunday, October 31, 2010

JON HEX REVIEWS...The War for Infinity

The War for Infinity

Artist: Adam WarRock, featuring Tribe One

Producer: Ruckus Roboticus

Geek fandom/culture has seen an explosion in popularity in the past ten years and with it, a trend of blending geekdom with other influences. While geek hip hop is not entirely new, Adam WarRock’s The War for Infinity may be the first time it was exceptionally brilliant.

Adam WarRock is the alter ego of Eugene Ahn, who left a law career to devote himself full time to hip hop. After listening to Infinity, you will agree it was for the best. The lead track, I Am Him, tells the backstory of the character Adam WarRock and certifies WarRock’s geek credentials to anyone who gets the reference. It also serves as prologue because the album (with the exception of a few tracks) is a story in rhyme, each serving up a chapter in the battle between WarRock and his archenemy Demonos (played by Tribe One).

WarRock has an impressive way with words. His voice stays clear, keeping the story from taking backstage to the stunning beats laid down by Ruckus Roboticus. Tracks like Heroes Requiem show off his storytelling ability, which is a rarity in mainstream hip hop. Requiem not only name-drops dozens of superheroes and iconic character, but presents them in a character-true cosmic battle sequence. Crooked Deal shows a Faustian deal with allusions to shady record company practices.

The strongest songs are when WarRock and Tribe One play off each other, a meta battle of words between characters and artists. Battle (Introductions) is a cosmic rap battle that only serves to fuel Demonos’ rage and give a glimpse of the awesomeness of Battle (Finale), the ultimate showdown between the two cosmic adversaries. It feels like a sonic mega event and you will listen to it again and again.

Some may be put off by the idea of a story concept album, but shouldn’t be. This is hip hop as it when meant to be: a demonstration of a love, whether it’s of a people, a culture, the streets or the way stories are presented. For an even deeper experience, drop the cash for the Deluxe version, which contains exclusive remixes of songs from WarRock’s Tracklog, his musical sketchbook offered free on his website Listen to the track log, buy the album.

Rating: A+ An engaging story backed by superior beats.

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