Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I Would Make...

...the LUKE CAGE & IRON FIST movie. Well, not the whole thing, just the beginning.

It would start with a voiceover detailing the government trying to recreate the Super Soldier experiment(complete with a scene from CAPTAIN AMERICA:FIRST AVENGER) and how prisoners were used as guinea pigs. Wrongly convicted Carl Lucas is used as the first experiment which succeeds in creating a super soldier with superstrength and steel hard skin but the machine explodes. Lucas takes the opportunity to escape and start a new life as Luke Cage, Hero for Hire. He sets up shop in his native Harlem, taking up the plight of it's underprivileged citizens, while trying to find the criminal who set him up for manslaughter. Caption would read Brian J. White as Luke Cage.

Next scene begins with a Chinese inspired kingdom shown hidden in snowy mountains, outside a blizzard rages, but inside, it's early spring. Voiceover explains how Wendall Rand once visited the hidden city of K'un L'un, and with his business partner, wife and son make the perilous journey back to the magical land of his youth. But the partner, Harold Meachum, causes the death of his father and wolves take his mother, 6 year old Daniel Rand is left in the care of the Thunderer, the lead trainer of K'un L'un's warriors, who witnessed the death of Daniel's mother
Trained in the martial arts of K'un L'un, Daniel Rand earns the opportunity to fight Shou-Lao the dragon to become the Iron Fist, immortal weapon of the K'un L'un. Battle with Stan Winston dragon ensues, Daniel slaps against the dragon to gain the tattoo, kills Shou-Lao and drives his hands into brazier of mystical-ness to gain the power of the Iron Fist.
Daniel returns to take control of his company from the corrupt Meachum and to fight injustice with his martial art skills and chi powers. Caption would read Cam Gigandet as Iron Fist.

Cue 70's funk, maybe remixed by Danger Mouse. Scenes would show Luke beating street toughs, Danny fighting Tyler Mane. how cases Luke and Danny were working on separately intersected and then the duo deciding to team up. Fighting, explosions and laughter.

Next, captions show Guest Starring Nightwing Restorations Ltd. Freema Agyeman as Misty Knight & Olivia Wilde as Colleen Wing. Scenes of LC & IF teaming up with MK & CW, Tony Stark attaching Misty's robotic arm(brandy in hand), Misty and Danny dating and ends with an appearance by Evangeline Lilly as private detective Jessica Jones and because I like the character, Shia LaBeouf as Rick Jones. Why Rick Jones? Screw you, that's why!

Anyway, where the movie goes from there is anyone's guess. I just do beginnings. Glad to be back to the making blogposts game. Maybe I'll keep it up. Who knows?

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