Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calling All DC Women!!!(says me with bullhorn)

Okay, so today, in celebration of my remembering that I have a blog, I am using the power signing up for a free webpage has given me to help out a friend in need. Every other Sunday(next one June 29th), at 1722 14th St. NW, between R and S Sts., there is a comic discussion group for women. The meetings are hosted by the ever-friendly Lauren, a comics fan and enthusiast.

So if you like comics, want to talk about your favorites, and have two x-chromosomes, make it down to 1722 14th St. NW, between R and S Sts., and have yourself a good time. Any questions, e-mail (The Bo, as we call him) and he will give you directions, meeting dates & times, his favorite chips, anything.

I'm helping!

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