Thursday, February 21, 2008

Awwww, The Dibnys Are Back!


Krod said...

For my money, this is the best superhero comic coming out. Batman has two monthly titles of his own, and it still makes seeing Batman in action something to anticipate.

And you completely nailed it on the head on Ralph and Sue Dibney. I'm surprised this is the only site I've seen it at.

I've never seen this guy's art before. Lopez is it? It's quite good.

Grebok said...

Spot on, Jon.


Doctor Polaris said...

Well played, sir. I am astonished that I did not notice it myself...

Anonymous said...

Came from the Blog Newsarama link.

I read this page too but didn't get - it makes all the sense now...even Ralph's stance screams Elongated Man...I guess I needed the rubber nose to get it.

Batman's line in the last panel is freaking priceless.

Best return since Reign of the Supermen ;-)

cayomagnetking said...

I hope they do them in the style of TOPPER....that ghost couple is a classic!