Saturday, December 29, 2007

Getting It Together

It's been awhile since I posted regularly and that needs to change. And there's no better way for me to get in the game than to mouth off about what I didn't like. Then switch it up and to keep you on your toes.

Anyone else confused about what the hell McKeever's Titans of Tomorrow Today storyline was about? That ending made no sense and it invalidated how the future Titans were defeated in the first place. A lot of things blew up and feelings were hurt but the whole story seemed lacking.

Leave it Marvel to make the world's coolest bionic arm. If there's any world that should have the best mechanical prosthesis, it's the one with the 70's ex-patrol cop with a cybernetic arm.

Anyone else realize that if you take the backup stories out of Countdown to Adventure and Countdown to Mystery, they would have nothing to do with Countdown to Final Crisis? And that eight issues seems like a way to squeeze an extra $6 out of you than actually being needed to tell the story?

Dan Slott is very subversive. Avengers:The Initiative, while showing heroes being trained to handle volatile situations also gives readers the reasons why Captain America was so adamant against registration. Marvel government can't be trusted, at all. With Gyrich, government douche extraordinaire scheming every panel he shows up in and Hank Pym to overwhelmed to put his foot down, you can tell it's only a matter of time before it all blows up in their face. And not just by gun arm MVP.

And the MVP clones in Iron Spider costumes called Scarlet Spiders? Awesome and ironic.

One More Day? Rather than talk about the story itself, which every comic blogger on the internet is probably doing, I want to talk about what the story feels like to me. It feels like a DC story. Not to say being a DC type of story is a bad thing, but a history rewrite to "set things right"? DC does that every ten years, and it's usually fun. One More Day was not "fun" at all, and Marvel is not the place continuity rewrites, at least not story ones.

Marvel has passive rewrites all the time, usually to keep their heroes from being forty years old. DC has their being continuity fix and then sets about reworking old stories into new continuity. That's their thing. Now Spider-Man has his classic supporting cast back, and what do you think Harry Osborn being back is going to entail? More "your father keeps trying to kill me-no, he's innocent" stories. Marvel moves forward, DC looks back. That's how it works and One More Day seems to be one for the "keep the formula" column.

Well, that should work for now. I will post more often from now on.


Devon Sanders said...

I know what was the need for the "Peter was one of the Iron Spiders" explanation in Avengers: The Initiative they were just gonna invalidate it with "One More Day?"

Jon Hex said...

Nearly every Marvel title since New Avengers started needs an immediate continuity fix, and every Spider-Man story since he got married needs a fix, as well.